5 Ways To Style A (Cow Print) Bumbag


Skinny Dip is a fabulous company for novelty bags and accessories. This bumbag was bought from them last year and I love the cow print sequin design.


Bumbags can be a tricky thing to style because there is always a slight risk you might end up looking like a middle aged tourist with a fanny pack… So I thought I’d do a quick post to show you my five go-to bumbag looks for Summer:

1. Jeans and patterned top –

This is a relaxed outfit that I chose to put together because it has a cool vintage vibe and is really comfortable, making it perfect for festivals or travelling. I’ve paired this past season Topshop leotard with New Look cropped jeans, River Island espadrille trainers and a vintage choker. At the moment, I’ve been mixing a lot of different colours and patterns into my wardrobe, and I think the cow print bag with the Motel image makes for an awesome laid-back outfit which I love to wear during city breaks.






2. Bikini –

Bumbags are great for the beach because they allow you to keep your valuable items close. If you’re like me, you won’t want to stash your money and mobile in a beach bag full of towels just in case something gets lost or stolen. Keeping a small pouch on my person makes me feel a lot safer and also provides me with quick access to money to buy ice cream! My metallic £11 River Island bikini looks really good with a sequinned bumbag and sparkly Juju jelly shoes – I love this look on the beach!






3. Co-ord –

Again from River Island, this Design Forum co-ord outfit is without a doubt my favourite for this season. Black and white has always been my preferred colour palette, and matching opposing prints of the same colour scheme is never going to fail. This is the type of thing I would wear to seaside markets and shopping centres while on holiday. It is comfortable, stylish and I think it can be quite attention-grabbing due to the bold cow print and eye print designs.





4. Shorts and leotard –

This is very much a comfort over style outfit. I bought this little leotard from TK Maxx for £5.99 just before I went on holiday. Worn with these New Look studded shortsI think this makes for a really versatile and comfortable outfit which can be worn while wandering around town or at a festival. I wore this to the last market I went to, and it was perfect for remaining chilled and relaxed in the heat.





5. Slogan tee and trousers –

Slogan tees and mixing patterns are the bread and butter of my wardrobe. They’re both basic ideas, but when done right, they can make a very stylish difference to an outfit. This combination of my £10 Motel tee, River Island striped trousers and heeled Topshop sandals is something I’d wear out to dinner or a for a trip to a gallery or museum.





Wayne’s World Song Recommendation:

Tia Carrere –> Ballroom Blitz


2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Style A (Cow Print) Bumbag

  1. We call them fanny packs on the east coast! Lol. All of those outfits were so cool, especially the last one. I would wear that everywhere! I love the striped pants.

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