Personalised Eyeshadow Palettes


Boots isn’t usually my first choice of shop when it comes to buying makeup. I’ve always viewed it as more of a health store for buying things like vitamins and sun cream. However, I decided to make a quick visit to the shop today because I didn’t have much time and I was looking for a new eyeshadow palette for my holidays. I wanted to compare highstreet prices and brands because I was thinking about possibly buying a Morphe or Jeffree Star palette from BeautyBay online – and obviously these are quite expensive.


Anyway, when I walked into Boots this morning, I found that there was a sort of pop-up Boots Emporium stand with Makeup Obsession makeup where you could choose the size of palette and what kind of thing you wanted to fill it with. I was looking at only eyeshadow singles, but I could have also mixed lip, contour or strobing pans to fill my palette.

You buy the empty palette for a set price and then pay for the individual pans. I was originally going to buy a matte white 6 pan palette for £4 and then fill it – creating a total price of £16 which was really good value. However, if you spent £15 or more, you received a free rose gold 12 pan palette worth £8. So this is what I did. I spent £24 buying 12 different metallic and matte eyeshadows, and then paid an extra £3 to have my free palette engraved with my name.

(Total Price: £27)

I tend to choose a lot of brown and neutral tones because when I’m putting on my eye makeup, I normally start with a pale matte brown base and then build up the look with metallic and glittery products. Therefore most of the colours I chose today are based around a neutral colour palette, but I also chose a few khaki, gold and rose gold tones as I find these suit the Hazel eye colouring that I have.

I especially love this palette because it is personal to me. Obviously I still like using the more expensive Too Faced and Mac etc. palettes that I have, but I don’t always like all of the set colours in them – so this means I’m always paying for colours that I won’t necessarily use. With my own personal palette I can interchange the colours as often as I want and create a colour scheme that I will use every day. It’s absolutely beautiful and will be the first thing I pack in my makeup bag for holiday!

Song Recommendation (Because it has been in my head all day):

Sigrid –> Don’t Kill My Vibe



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