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It won’t surprise you to know that as a Zoology student I absolutely love anything animal related. For me, Bill Skinner is an absolute dream come true when it comes to jewellery design. Many of his collections are based around organic and natural themes and are handcrafted to perfection.

I thought I’d try and do a mini photoshoot to show you what kind of jewellery he designs. I’ve amassed quite a large collection of his work over the last few months, so I’ll save you the hassle of scrolling through continuous photos and only select my favourite pieces…

Set of 4 Animal Midi Rings –> Bought from ASOS for £22.50 (RRP: £45)

(Excuse my lack of Manicure…)

I’ve never been a fan of midi rings simply because I’m paranoid I’ll do a wild hand gesture while wearing them and they’ll all end up flying off never to be seen again… However, when I saw this set for half price on ASOS I just had to buy them.

The four designs included are (From Right to Left):

  1. Gold Lion
  2. Rose Gold Rhino with Gold Horn and Ears
  3. Gold Buffalo with Silver Horns
  4. Rose Gold Antelope

Not only are these 4 rings beautifully made, but they look fantastic both when worn together and individually. The bands of the rings are in a twisted metal, and the signature BS stamp is on the underside of every one of them. I’ve yet to wear them out the house because I’m still nervous about losing them, but because they’re so pretty I take them out of the box just to admire them at home…!


These two necklaces are gorgeous. The Honeycomb and Bee pendant was a steal in the last Bill Skinner sale. The RRP of this necklace is £95 but at £15 I couldn’t resist it. The orb itself is on an 80cm chain and is unbelievably detailed up close.

However, my favourite BS piece I own is this tiny Buffalo necklace. The Buffalo head is about the size of my fingernail and contains a tiny hidden Swarovski crystal on the back of the head. It is absolutely stunning and for £10 (again in the sale) I just had to have it…

I had to group these 4 rings together because I couldn’t choose my favourite and think they all deserve a place on this edit.


The Horse and Leopard rings are complete showstoppers and both carry a Labradorite cabochon between their paws/hooves. Again, the detail on these two pieces is indescribable. I often wear them both at the same time on opposite hands so it looks like they are facing each other. They look incredible and I now wear them almost every day.

Horse Ring – (RRP: £60, bought for £29) Leopard Ring – (RRP: £60, bought for £18)


My cute little Squirrel ring makes me smile and it was the first BS piece I ever bought. I just love the little crystal acorn and Rose Gold and Silver contrast. It’s absolutely gorgeous and it has been my go-to piece during the Autumn months.


Finally, this tiny Temple ring. This will be coming on my holiday to Rome and will of course be worn when I visit the Colosseum. The carving on all of the tiny pillars is beautiful and I usually wear it as a thumb ring, as I like to have lots of rings on at the same time and this little Temple looks amazing next to coloured gemstones and crystals.

Shop Bill Skinner –> Here <—


Late Saturday/ Early Sunday Song Recommendation:

Saturday Night –> Yukon Blonde


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